This very useful list was compiled by Tom Termini – a member of our Cottageology Facebook Group – Thanks Tom!

Just a list of ideas for the systems to make a low cost and sustainable small home. My ideas, complied – your mileage may vary.

  1. Get Water from Rain
    • A. Calculate Volume:
    • To calculate how much rainwater can be harvested, multiply your rainfall (mm) by your roof surface area (m2) being used to catch rainwater. The resulting number represents how many litres of water you can expect can collect.

    • B. Use IBCs
    • You can find IBC containers on Done Deal.

    • C. Overview of a Rainwater System

    • D. Filter, then UV Purify
      • Suggested Water Filtration System here.
      • Suggested UV Purifier here.


  2. Treat Wastewater with a Mini-Sewage Treatment Plant

  4. Build a LION Battery System with Re-purposed EV Cells

  6. Photovoltaic System that Maximises Output

  8. Wind Turbine

  10. Micro Hydro

  12. Wire your House for 12 Volt

  14. Low Power Fridge
  15. Suggested fridge here.

  16. Boiler Stove
  17. Suggested stove, the Stratford EB 20 Boiler Stove here.

  18. Underfloor Heating>

  20. Sealed Envelope to Maximise Insulation and Energy Efficiency
  21. The Home Envelope Theory


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