Story By: Angela

Story Location:Kerry

Category: Memory Wall

I remember a man called Ned Walsh and his wife living in Bally years ago and when you walked into the cottage it always felt warm and the smell of the turf from the open fire was also always there. Boiled eggs were always on the menu for breakfast, with toast and butter and big mugs of tea.

We used to buy lettuce and scallions from them, he used to go straight to the garden and pick them, they had very little, but were just such old world, gentle people. She had a little grey bun on top of her head, small little person. Lovely memory to have. I was no more than 5-6 yrs old at the time.

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Orla created Cottageology ten years ago, while working as an architectural technician, to inspire people to renovate instead of replace Irish cottages. She is a graphic & web designer, living in Dublin & originally from Co Kerry.

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